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21 Coopers Road, Dallington, Christchurch 8061

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We are a purpose-built facility, situated at 21 Coopers Road, Dallington, close to The Palms, Shirley in Christchurch. We provide high-quality education and care for 0 - 5-year-olds, within a welcoming environment.Te Whāriki states that 'Learner identity is enhanced when children’s home languages and cultures are valued in educational settings and when kaiako are responsive to their cultural ways of knowing and being.' We strive to incorporate the languages and cultures of all the children who attend at Buttercups. We value and demonstrate commitment to te tiriti o Waitangi. Inclusive practice is important to us, as we get to know your child and meet their individual needs.

Our Space

Children's health and well-being are at the forefront of everything we offer at Buttercups Preschool. Our facilities offer all that children need to prosper and we have wonderful, spacious areas to maximise light and potential for movement. Our classrooms are designed to enhance the learning that occurs, by having a range of resources on offer, such as a reading library, and our arts and crafts area. A range of paints, paper, brushes and other numerous materials are on offer daily. We also value messy play, so you will find some kind of tactile experience each day, whether it be playdough or water play!

  • Bright spacious classrooms
  • Spacious separate nursery
  • Open plan
  • Large outdoor garden
  • Indoor play areas
  • Full library


Spacious and purpose built pre school in Dallington offering wonderful, modern and secure facilities and a lovely outdoor space for the children to enjoy.


We strongly value the role of the natural world within a child's development and you will find our outdoor spaces are large, natural and expansive. There are endless opportunities to engage with nature, care for the garden, climb, run, investigate and forage! In relation to this, we value excursions to the nearby red zone to extend upon this!


Our youngest children (0-2yrs) are the most vulnerable and are cared for in a small separate nursery environment that has been devoted to meeting their needs. Children under 2 also benefit from a separate, enclosed outdoor space which includes a sand pit and a slide.

"Great premises, lovely and caring staff, my daughter loves it here!" Anna T

"Beautiful facilities with lovely friendly staff. My daughter has settled in well and loves her teachers. I highly recommend Buttercups Preschool for anyone looking for care for their little ones." Marina

Our Approach

We are a family-owned and operated early childhood service, we believe in providing a caring and supportive environment to enhance a child’s learning, through awareness and understanding of individual needs. We provide high-quality education and care for 0 - 5 year-olds, within a welcoming environment. We bring a sense of home life to centre life.

Our emphasis is on respectful, reciprocal relationships with whānau, caregivers, children and staff

Open communication is of most importance and we encourage family to be as involved as they would like to be in their child’s learning and development at Buttercups Preschool. We have a nurturing environment, where children are empowered and have a great sense of belonging, as they explore their current interests.

Although free play is a large part of the daily routine, we promote an understanding and respect for boundaries which work effectively within a group environment for children.

Many activities will be on offer daily, for example, baking, messy play, science exploration, and art. Photos will be taken daily, to enable us to share with you what new experiences your children partake in and to document individual learning. Learning stories and photos are available for families to find online through the Storypark software. Hard copy profile books, including these stories and photos, are also available and these are in a hard copy version in the classroom at Buttercups, for the children to view at their leisure.

Our Vision

Our philosophy, vision, goals and teaching practices promote positive learning outcomes for children. We value a collaborative approach, whereby kaiako, children, whānau and caregivers work together to provide a quality, caring and engaging learning environment for our tamariki. The teachers at Buttercups Preschool are inspired by RIE/Pikler, Magda Gerber, at Buttercups Preschool. We value building respectful and responsive relationships, in order to understand the different layers of a child's life. Kaiako are then able to provide a carefully planned learning journey for each tamaiti at Buttercups Preschool, through our key teacher programme. Key kaiako work in partnership with families, to support both the child and their whānau. Key teachers are responsible for documentation of the child's learning and development, through assessment and celebrations of their learning.

Our Core Values



For self, others and the environment



Listening and understanding



Caring and nurturing



Risk taking and learning

The Education Review Office | Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga (ERO) is the New Zealand government’s external evaluation agency. It evaluates and report on the education and care of learners in schools, kura, kohanga reo, puna reo, and early childhood services.

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