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Haere mai / welcome to Moa Kids

We are a community based, not-for-profit early learning centre located in the idyllic Barnett Park in Redcliffs, Christchurch.

We welcome children from Redcliffs, Sumner, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote and beyond to our modern purpose-built centre. We are lucky enough to have large indoor and outdoor playing areas, all oriented towards an open park-view.

Our centre in divided into two main areas: the Nursery, for children aged 0-2 and the Preschool, for children aged 2-6. Across both groups, our children are supported by fully qualified and experienced teachers. We know that the best relationships grow from respectful, responsive and reciprocal interactions between children and caregivers; so this is at the heart of what we do.

At Moa Kids, we believe in the importance of self-choice and free-play. Children are unique individuals and through the support of their teachers, and in partnership with their families, we encourage their natural curiousity about our world and their place in it. By allowing our children to explore their environment at their own pace, then extending their interests through responsive planning and teaching, we nuture their confidence as learners.

Every morning from 9.15 am, we invite our 3-4 year olds to be included in a more structured extension programme - “the Dolphin Club” - which is aimed at developing the skills necessary for a confident transition to primary education.

Please feel free to contact us or pop in to have a look around our centre and meet our friendly teaching staff. We are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

Our unique location inside Barnett Park, Redcliffs means there is ample safe parking for pick-up and drop-off. The fields, playgrounds and picnicing facilities available are a popular spot for centre-families to meet, connect and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings with their children after being at Moa Kids.

Your child's learning journey continues here

Supervised by Qualified and Experienced Early Childhood Teachers

  • Great Environment
  • Experienced Staff
  • Healthy and Delicious Meal
  • Friendly Support
  • Fun and Games

My daughter loves attending Moa Kids Community preschool as she has a great rapport with the teachers and there is a wide variety of activities to keep her entertained and stimulated. As parents, we choose Moa Kids as the teachers work well together, follow a Reggio inspired philosophy and are lead by a driven leadership team, and it shows. Jordana Clarke

We love knowing our daughter is happy without us.  Lee Davies

We have a long standing affiliation with Moa Kids, starting 7 years ago when my autistic son began attending. I was genuinely amazed at how skilled the staff were at getting the best out of my boy and recognising his strengths. Now my youngest is nearly at school and has thoroughly enjoyed going to Moa Kids, in fact she has often asked to stay the night!  These ladies are the nicest group of relaxed, supportive and inclusive teachers, the facility is well equipped with great outdoor play areas and equipment for both boys and girls. I highly recommend the centre for any child. Paula Peck

Moa Kids continues to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for our youngest child.  He feels so comfortable with both the setting and the teachers which, to us as parents, demonstrates the respect and genuine passion for children and their associated development that runs through the entire Centre.  From the nursery to the Dolphin Club our boys have felt safe, secure and cared for all whilst supporting our personal family philosophies.  For us this was the only choice that provided positive benefits not just for our children but our entire family.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Moa Kids to any parent wanting to know the best childcare facility in the Bays Cluster Area. Rachel Stracey

I would have no hesitation recommending Moa Kids to any new parent looking for a loving, caring and safe environment for their children. Jude Coombs

As a first time mother returning to work, I found the selection of the right Nursery/ Preschool to suit our family the hardest part of the puzzle. I visited a number of centers with my son, but it wasn't until we spent a lovely couple of hours in the nursery-garden at Moa Kids that I felt truly comfortable. Two years on, I couldn't be happier with that choice. Our son is now a confident, energetic, social being who lights up when he hears it is a "Moa Kids Day". I'm so grateful for the patience, care and respect the teachers bring to guiding him (and us) through all of those challenges of the preschool years. The range of activities and experiences he gets to enjoy with his friends at Moa Kids is genuinely beyond what we would do together at home – there is little I love more than knowing the whole family has had a busy, challenging and satisfying day. Abigail Wills

Both of our children spent many happy years at Moa kids, from nursery through to transitioning for school. Both our boy and girl loves the environment and the staff. I don't ever recall a day that either of the children came home saying that they hadn't had a great day at Moa kids. There was very little turn over in staff so the continuity and familiarity helped enhance a safe and secure environment. Even through the unsettling seismic events of 2011 and 2012 we felt confident leaving our children at Moa kids knowing that they were in a safe and caring environment. The centre has a strong community feel, is a focal point for the families in the area and enjoys much support from a wide community. The staff at Moa kids are helpful, approachable and experienced. We have been very pleased with how our children have developed and transitioned into the a school environment. Ruth Love-Smith

I considered several preschools before deciding on Moa Kids for our daughter.  She was under 1 at the time so it was wonderful to know that she was being so well looked after in the nursery.  She has since moved onto the pre-school and my second daughter has also progressed from the nursery into the preschool.  Our children love going to preschool and have formed a strong bond with all the teachers.  There has been very little change in teaching staff over the 3.5 years we have been attending which gives the children such a sense of stability and belonging.   It is also greatly reassuring to know that all the staff are fully qualified teachers, so I know they fully understand the processes for leaning and development of a child.  They enjoy being able to explore the fantastic outside space and the open plan area inside means that they are always under supervision.  Both of them have formed strong friendships with other children and are gently encouraged in whatever activity they feel like doing that day.  There isn’t a day goes by without some new art work that they have done that day being proudly shown off at collection time. Our eldest is now part of Dolphin Club (over 4s learning group), which is such a great preparation for school with structured learning each day.  She has amazed us with her knowledge of letters and writing skills and can also tell us all about the planets, which was the children’s chosen topic for last term.  I would have no hesitation recommending Moa Kids to any new parent looking for a loving, caring and safe environment for their children. Jude Coombs

The Nursery

Caring for our Youngest Moas

Our Teachers (Kaiako) enjoy working in their purpose-built Early Learning Centre. From an intimate and nurturing indoor space to an easily accessed garden, which is designed specifically for the safety and enjoyment of the nursery age group, our teachers are dedicated to providing a calm and natural environment for the under-two’s.

Our teachers are both fully qualified and registered teachers who have a great in-depth knowledge of and experience with the particular needs of under-two’s. Research has consistently shown the importance of the caregiver:child ratio, alongside specialisation in the area infant pedagogy and a low-stress environment, in the education and care of infants under two. With responsibility for a smaller number of children and ongoing, specialised training teacher/caregivers can be more attuned (and so responsive) to the individual needs of very young children. Secondly, attuned teacher/caregivers and high-quality environments are now understood to have a very real impact on the ongoing development and learning of children.

It is for these reasons that in the Nursery we focus on providing a peaceful approach to teaching and learning, based on our philosophy of taking the time to build respectful, reciprocal care giving relationships with our infant/toddlers.

We abide by the philosophy of Magda Gerbber and RIE (Resources for Infant Educators) to provide this practice. The basis of Magda Gerber’s RIE philosophy is “respect for, and trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer and self learner.”

This means we ensure we are resourced to take time, to slow down and to observe and really see what is happening in our teaching/learning environment. As far as possible, our children’s play is uninterrupted and unhurried and we give them the freedom to make their own choices whilst learning how to control and move their bodies.

Your nursery-aged child will be assigned to a teacher who will be their primary care-giver and who will give you detailed feedback about your child’s day at pickup time. This teacher will also maintain a profile book documenting your child's progress and interests during his/her time with us. We encourage parents to contribute to this document as well.

Kaiako Philosophy of Respect

R esponsive
E mpowerment
S pace
P otential
E xplore actively
C ompetent
T ime

The Pre-School

The Pre-School at Moa Kids, is a warm, spacious and well-equipped environment where children, aged from two years to six, share the learning opportunities offered in our daily range of activities.

While the very experienced and fully-qualified teaching staff support and engage children in creative and explorative play (both indoors and out), this is where our practice of self-choice and self-help really comes alive. Through our free-play in a mixed-age environment, we promote the development of happy relationships among the children, fostering social skills and a sense of independence as well as a spirit of adventure.

In a mixed-age, free-play environment we see our children self-selecting aged-mixed and same-age play. This permits the more sophisticated behavior of older children to be offered as a role model for the younger children, who also typically receive more emotional support from older children than from those their own age. Mixed-age play also permits older children to learn by teaching and to practice their skills in nurturing and leadership. In turn, older children can be inspired by the imagination and creativity of their younger friends.

Problem solving can be a difficult issue for children in this age group so we recognise the importance of assisting with this. We focus on empowering our children to problem solve on their own as they encounter challenges. Teachers ask questions, encouraging objective thinking, to guide a child through situations as they arise.

Care-giving routines are woven into the curriculum, ensuring that we remain responsive to the changing needs of children in this group. We have a dedicated sleep room available for afternoon naps.

Our extension programme, called The Dolphin Club, is offered daily in school term-time. This programme is based on the interests of the group and we find our three-four year old children really enjoy their special time each day, further developing their passion for learning through regular outings and special events.

Dolphin Club

For 3 - 4 year old children at Moa Kids each morning around 9.30am

Dolphin Club is an integral part of our educational programme at Moa Kids.  This extension programme is primarily for our 3 - 4 year olds, but younger children who show a strong interest or desire in the current project are able to join us.  Dolphin Club runs a very similar philosophy to our centre; we have an open door policy, so everyone is welcome.  Dolphin Club is not compulsory but you'll find most children have a strong sense of ownership to this group and are eager to gather at the door when its Dolphin Club time.  Dolphin Club runs 30 - 40 mins every morning, depending on the interests and needs of the children attending.  Dolphin Club is aimed at ensuring our children are equipped for the best possible transition to primary school.  Our preschool room run a project approach style of group learning.  This is where a project is chosen by the children and their current interests.  Dolphin Club time allows the older children of the centre to extend and explore this topic even further.  Throughout Dolphin Club children are developing different skills such as name recognising, numeracy, literacy knowledge, friendships, social skills, routines, group extensions, independence, self care, ICT skills and Tikanga Maori.

We do that by:

  • We enjoy going out into the community and further afield on trips - or even inviting special visitors to come and spend time with us at Moa Kids.
  • Feedback from local new entrant teachers, parents and staff indicates that the Dolphin Club has been highly successful in assisting our children transition confidently into Primary School.

The Education Review Office | Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga (ERO) is the New Zealand government’s external evaluation agency. It evaluates and report on the education and care of learners in schools, kura, kohanga reo, puna reo, and early childhood services.

ERO Report

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