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5 James Street, Redcliffs, Christchurch 8081

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Our teaching team has a strong understanding that all children, family/whanau have different cultural, learning and development needs.

It is this understanding that inspires them to work alongside each other, ensuring each child realises their uniqueness and value.

Each child is unique. We wish each individual to flourish. That’s why our aim is for each child to achieve the learning outcomes of taking an interest, getting involved, expressing points of view, persevering with tasks, and to take responsibility. We provide a warm, nurturing environment where children and their family/whanau can take part in responsive, reciprocal relationships.

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Structure in every child’s life is important. Our Nursery and Preschool can care for your baby, right through until your child is ready for school.

We have two purposed prepared buildings which are sensitively separated by large natural outdoor environments.

Our outdoor equipment has the flexibility to scaffold babies and toddlers who are developing gross motor skills, right through to challenging and supporting young children of varied gross motor skills. Both outdoor and indoor environments are set up with Te Whariki – The Early Childhood. Curriculum in mind, reflecting the holistic way children learn and grow, focussing on the individual child and their relationships with the world around them.


Situated right next to the Preschool, our Nursery is like a home away from home for your infants and toddlers up to 2 1/2 years. The nursery team offer a nurturing, stimulating environment where infants and toddlers can explore, investigate and learn at their own pace, whilst interacting with others in a fun and natural setting.

All infants and toddlers individual needs will be met. This includes bottles, sleep times and toileting in a safe and secure environment.


This is for children aged approximately 2 1/2 to 6 years. Our Preschool offers a fun, challenging, broad-based educational programme that incorporates free-play, as well as structured learning.
Children learn through play. Learning the fundamental skills of teamwork, humility, and good self esteem. Partaking in a range of experiences that will expose all children to art, literacy, speech and drama, music and movement, cognitive development, fine and gross motor development, mathematics, science and of course outings. This is just a selection of what The James Street Preschool has to offer.

Transition to school

We provide an excellent ‘transition to school’ group time every day. Our Moa group have their own work room where they can spend time concentrating on their chosen projects of interest. This group, aged approximately 4 1/2 years get to experience a quieter learning environment where they will work on, and develop a large range of skills that will prepare them for school.

We believe that it’s important to support children to develop social skills, take responsibility for their own belongings and organising themselves, along with improving concentration and self-help skills such as listening to and following instructions, confidently speaking clearly within the group and becoming familiar with a range of technology. We also support children to develop and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills as this will assist them with their writing once they reach school. Our entire preschool programme is about developing literacy skills to engender confidence, when they begin to learn about reading at school.

It’s all about ‘building foundations for life’. Ensuring our children are well rounded learners who have become mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for school.

Learning profiles

All infants, toddlers and children will have a learning profile which will follow them through their years at James Street. Your child’s learning development will be regularly updated, printed and stored in a folder, and online in our profile system of Educa.

Educa is great for busy working parents, and extended families that may not live in Christchurch but are keen to be a part of your child’s learning. We frequently ask for parent feedback, and save and print all we receive from both parents and extended whanau. This enhances your child’s learning and interests by being a collaborative journey.

Food and nutrition
All fresh food is prepared by our certified in house cooks daily. This includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Our menu is audited by the Heart Foundation, focusing on exploring different types of foods with separate winter and summer menus.

We wholeheartedly support the concept of healthy food = healthy minds. We actively take part with the children in maintaining our own vegetable and edible herb garden to supplement our menu.

The Education Review Office | Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga (ERO) is the New Zealand government’s external evaluation agency. It evaluates and report on the education and care of learners in schools, kura, kohanga reo, puna reo, and early childhood services.

ERO Report

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