Homebased service

Homebased and family day-care services provide babies and young children with early childhood education either in the child’s own home or in the home of an adult educator. This may be all-day or part-day education and care.

Homebased services provide learning opportunities for children in small groups within homelike surroundings. Some homebased care networks also operate playgroups, so that educators and children can have regular social and educational contact. Some children may attend other early childhood services as well as the homebased care service.

Homebased care services are managed by chartered homebased care network organisations. Parents are usually charged fees for their child’s attendance.

Qualified and registered teachers are employed as coordinators to support the educators within each network. Communication between parents/whānau and educators is an important feature of these services. Educators are offered training opportunities to improve their understanding and knowledge of how children learn. The homebased network coordinator visits each home regularly to check on children’s safety, wellbeing and learning.

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